The headquarters of the National Ballet Company Aterballetto was born from the architectural skeleton of a 1930s foundry, property of the Lombardini Motori company.

Inside this building, shaped as a modern iron-and-glass cathedral, can be found dressing rooms, studios and a large conference hall, also dedicated to meetings and exhibitions.

Therefore, La Fonderia is not only a masterpiece of industrial salvage and a prestigious ballet group premises: it is, with full rights, a lively cultural center.

In order to enrich this important space, one of the works of art from the project “Invitation to…” where here collocated: Dance of Planets and Stars, by Eliseo Mattiacci.

This art installation presents three large Corten steel panels, every one of them is engraved with cosmological symbols and disposed following an astronomical configuration. This homage to dance is placed in the green area next to La Fonderia and can be visited every day without any time restriction.