As one of Matilda’s favorite residences, this castle was the setting for many important meetings and gatherings, including the crucial one of September 1092: Matilda of Canossa called prelates, bishops and feudatories to decide whether to continue or not the war against the Emperor Henry IV, Matilda’s nemesis.

Today, what remains of the castle testify its ancient beauty and it is perfectly restored together with the adjacent church of S. Andrea, in Romanesque style; inside the fortress, both an educational museum visit and a magnificent scenic viewpoint are offered.

Not far from the castle, the parish church of S. Maria in Toano is one of the oldest in the Reggio Emilia diocese and the best preserved in the Matilda area.

This truly interesting Romanesque building stands in a beautiful natural area and presents columns and capitals of the 12th century, sculpted with scenes from the Old Testament and a very odd bestiary.